Add word document but retain functions


I love Scrivener and have been using it for about a year to organize my dissertation. I occasionally add a Word document which is a form that needs to be filled out, but when I drag it into a Scrivener folder, Scrivener does some converting and I lose the functionality of the form. Is there a better way to manage this? Thanks

I cannot think of a better way to handle this, since Word formats are fully imported into Scrivener’s format, and it not being Word itself, cannot support each and every feature of the format meaning that some of the more dynamic things like this will likely be lost. Probably the best solution that comes to mind is to use References to link to the .docx file in the Inspector. Then double-clicking will load them in Word where they can be filled out, but you get to continue managing them in Scrivener’s organisation system.

Perhaps someone that is more familiar with Word’s form tools can provide a better solution that makes for a form that is more compatible with third-party tool, too.

Thanks Amber. And the object on the form is just a simple check box, nothing fancy, but it removes it once imported. I need to retain the document as is since it’s an official form.

Is there a tutorial on how to do what you suggested Amber? I looked under help but got confused. Thanks.

Sure, References are covered in Step 5d of the interactive tutorial off the Help menu. That step assumes you’ve been following along with the Inspector step in general, so it will not specifically tell you to open the Inspector.

References are documented in the user manual in §11.1.3 (pg. 130) as a general theory, and specifically as a part of the Inspector in §19.3.2 (pg. 264). It’s pretty easy though. :slight_smile: Just open the Inspector, click the stack of books icon at the bottom, drag and drop the .docx file in.

Perfect, your help is greatly appreciated!