Added Icons question...

Hi, everyone.

How do I get a uniform icon experience across multiple devices?
I’ve added in several icons while writing on my primary laptop. As an experiment, I saved my settings (File>Options>Manage>Save Preferences) and then loaded them into my desktop copy of Scrivener. The icons did not travel with the settings.

So…where does Scrivener store the icons? I’ll copy that from one system to another. I’ve pillaged the Scrivener directory, but I can’t see any icon-related file that displays recent updates (as in, right after I added a new icon).

I thought that perhaps the only way was through saving the current project as a template, so I looked at that. I noticed an interesting button there…“Save Icon as File…”, but I think that only applies to the icon you choose to represent the template in the template selection pane.

I suppose with a template I can achieve the goal I wanted, which is to have my custom icons on multiple machines. But that’s a problem when wanting to retroactively apply new icons to older wips…which is what originally got me thinking about this.

The only answer is a slow process of manually adding the same icons…over and over…to the older works. Oh, well.