Added </p> after emdash

This problem may be on the ProWritingAid side, but a few times, when an emdash ends a paragraph, I’ve found that something adds a

to the end of the line, like this:


I deleted it in PWA, then when I opened in Scriv, it was there again.

Any info on this?

I doubt that the

is anything to do with Scrivener.

Scrivener’s editor uses RTF.

RTF delineates paragraph elements with {\pard … \par}.

HTML delineates paragraph elements with


For an HTML paragraph element to appear in a Scrivener project, either the user would have to type it in, or an external tool that has access to the project would have to create it.

I imagine PWA channels into Scrivener projects through their underlying XML files. Even if you delete the paragraph element in PWA, it is probably being recreated when PWA closes the project and passes the text back to Scrivener.

You could, of course, search for

and replace with to tidy up the project.

Slàinte mhòr.

Right. I’ll report the problem to PWA.