Added Scenes and Chapter Title Now Showing

I am revamping a book. I didn’t have scenes in before. I wanted to reorganize it so created chapter folders and put scenes in as documents. I assigned the chapter as a chapter and the scene as scenes. (I couldn’t find anything in the manual about this.) Unfortunately, when I compiled it, only a few scenes are showing (there are 68 scenes and 31 chapters) , nothing else does. What happened?

I also, using the mouse, drug the scenes files and put them on the appropriate chapter so see if that would work. Nada.

Kathleen Osborne :c :frowning:

That blue funnel icon indicates that you’re filtering out something. Whatever that filter is, try turning it off or modifying that collection/selection in the binder/search result…

Kathleen, as Robert suggests, click on the blue funnel - it will bring up a box with a variety of options including, I surmise, one that is checked but causing your issue.