adding a Back Matter folder


How can I add a Back Matter folder to the Binder, and as a section layout type? I want Scrivener to recognize Back Matter as a section to add, like Front Matter. (Funny, the Manual talks about Back Matter as if it’s there!) If I add my files to the Front Matter folder, it wants to add it in front, even though I can also choose it as back matter - I can’t delete it from the front without deleting it from the back as well. :neutral_face:

UPDATE: I moved my About the Author to the Manuscript folder so I can just make it follow the end of the story. It’s marked as a Chapter in section layout. It’s not in my Front Matter in the Compile list. But it’s showing up in the compiled doc IN THE FRONT MATTER. AND at the end of the doc! Btw, my cover image did not change when I uploaded a new image. So it seems to be ignoring all my changes. And yes, I overwrote the old file, so I’m not looking at an old file.

If there’s a tutorial or even a YouTube video that covers this, just point me toward it!

Are you using v. 1.9.x or the v. 3 Beta?

As a Mac-user, I’ve never used the Windows v. 1, so I may be wrong but I suspect it might not have provision for Back Matter. The Beta will … my, somewhat unreliable memory says that Back Matter handling came in with version 3 on the Mac, but as it’s not something that I have had a need for, I can’t be sure.



Thanks, xiamenese. I am using the Beta of Scrivener 3 for Windows. I assumed that I could add other Section types and/or folders as is set up with the Front Matter folder.

There should be an option to choose a back matter folder in the compile window, right next to the setting to choose the front matter folder.

You can control the formatting of various front/back matter documents via document types and assigning appropriate formats to each type, just as with any of the documents you compile from your project.

While it’s convenient to let Scrivener automatically assign document types to the majority of files in your project, it’s probably easiest to manually assign them to your front matter and back matter documents. The way Scrivener figures out how to do automatic assignments is by the level of indentation within the binder, and that can align with the indentation level of your actual parts, chapters or scenes in the body of your book.

Perhaps there should be an option for a Back Matter folder, but there isn’t, probably because there isn’t a Back Matter folder in the Binder. That’s what I want to do. I want to create a Back Matter folder that will be visible in the compile window. I just want to make sure I create it correctly so that it is visible. Are you saying I can just create a folder in the Binder, name it Back Matter, and it ill be seen in the Compile window as an option for Back Matter?

Also, why isn’t my Front matter formatting as I set it in the Formatting section of the Compiler? I’m trying to get my Title page centered, and have my copyright page left-aligned. So I made them two separate files to format them differently. If I uncheck ‘override formatting’ and format the page OR if I check ‘override formatting’ and set the formatting in the Compiler, it doesn’t take. The title page will not be centered, and all the font is the same size.

If there’s a spot in the compile interface for you to select a folder for front matter, but not for back matter, then they must not have implemented that in the Beta quite yet. At this late stage, I’m kind of surprised. Just FYI, the name of the folder shouldn’t matter. If everything’s working properly, Scrivener will have as part of the compile window’s interface, a spot to select both front and back matter folders, and you would be able to pick just about any folder (perhaps only outside of the draft/manuscript folder if they’re being extra careful to eliminate confusing results).

Nevertheless, you can put backmatter files at the end of the documents in your manuscript folder so the fall in the correct location. Then you need a document type other than “chapter”, such as “back matter”. Create that, and then apply it to those back matter documents.

Then when you bring up the compile window, assign the appropriate layout to the backmatter document types.

As for your front matter issues, that seems odd, but perhaps the override check-box isn’t working properly. Unfortunately, I don’t have the beta installed on my Windows computer anymore, so I can’t test if the features you’re trying to use are functional in the beta. And since you’re posting these issues in the section of the forums for supporting the commercially available, non-beta version, beta users and developers aren’t likely to address that. I suggest you post a new entry in the beta forum that outlines what you’ve tried. If you can prepare an example project that doesn’t contain any important writing, ready to share with anyone trying to reproduce the same issue, that may help those working with the beta determine where the problems lie.

Good luck!