adding a laptop

I have looked for the answer to this… but I’m probably not seeing it

  1. set up the project on my desktop - backup and saves pointing at my dropbox
  2. set up scriv on a new laptop and accessed my dropbox
  3. can’t get it to ‘see’ the saves in drop box
  4. copy pasted the lastest back up to laptop - extracted - so now at least I have the project on there as well

**problem… how do i get both desktop and laptop to point at, save too, recognise the same single project file?

can you point me to a youtube tutorial that will help me with this?
or I’ll take any help I can get from you guys here

Are you using “External Folder Sync” for ‘saves’ to your dropbox folder from your desktop?

If not, how did you get your project into the dropbox folder? Scrivener’s File->Save As menu? Moved the entire .scriv folder (using the file browser) to dropbox, after closing scrivener? Some other method?

Edit: Note that “External Folder Sync” is not the way to sync between two computers using Scrivener, as my question might have implied.

No I haven’t touched external file sync…this is how I have both desktop and laptop set up in options as in the png attachments

Also, if this matters, not quite sure how the preferred save works? I did it for the desktop and it left a .prefs fil in the scrivener projects folder on my drop box

If you want to work on the same project from two machines, either move the whole project (the .scriv folder) to your Dropbox folder, or File -> Save as… the project to your Dropbox folder (or a sub-folder).

Wait for the Dropbox app to upload any changes to the Dropbox server.

On the other machine, wait for the dropbox app to download changes from the Dropbox server, then simply navigate to the same Dropbox folder and File -> Open the project in the usual way.

Oh, and one more thing… Keep your backups somewhere else, preferably on the HD of each computer, and have a backup system for each computer. If something happens with your Dropbox account, you still have the backups on your computer, and if the HD breaks down on one computer, you still have the active projects on the Dropbox server and backups on the local HD of the other computer.

awesome… thanks for the advice… I’ll try to sort that tonight and come back if I mess it up :smiley:

OK, so total newbie to Scrivener here. This will be a stupid question hangs head in shame that may have been answered somewhere but I am getting to the max frustration point so here goes. I have been looking at threads, YouTube videos, read and re-read the user manual (not helpful) and am just trying to nail down the right way to be able to use my Windows desktop and my Surface Book to work on a project. I have installed Dropbox on both machines. Set up a subfolder for “Scrivener Projects” in the Dropbox folder on both machines. So it sounds like I need to stay away from the sync to external folder option altogether and save my project into my HD DropBox Scrivener folder, wait for the sync to happen, go to the other computer and open that Scrivener project from the DropBox Scrivener folder on that machine? I know this sounds uber simplistic but I am new to Scrivener and DropBox so apologies.