Adding a map to Front Matter

My books are fantasy novels, which feature a map illustration in the front, as is common in that genre. The Front Matter sections for Paperback Novel include Title, Copyright, and Dedication. It will let me add another text document to the Front Matter folder (like one called Map) in which I can insert the map image. However, upon compile, the map images are just jammed up against the Dedication text, even if I have added page breaks to the end of the Dedication page and at the beginning of the Map page. Is there a way to get an additional Front Matter page to actually be a standalone page, like the existing pages that are there?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Adding page breaks into the text editor is rarely the best call in Scrivener (and in fact may even be stripped out of e-books). I would instead just visit the “Map” document you created, open the Inspector (blue ‘i’ button on the toolbar), and in the middle “General” section, check of Page Break Before. It is very likely all of your other documents in the “Front Matter” folder are set the same way.

Thank you, Amber! That was it! Worked perfectly! :smiley: