adding a note to footer in a script

Hi - I am a new user so this is probably a common/obvious question - I am writing a script and have printed off several versions and am getting confused which one is which especially when the pages get mixed. I would like to add a note in the footer, so it shows up on every page, stating which draft it is and the date etc. This is standard practice of course on pages/windows. I have had a look on Help, the Manual and the forum and can’t find it so I would really appreciate it if somebody could help - thanks

Have a look in the Compilation Dialogue under All Options – there’s a list of categories down the left side and one of them (can’t remember what it’s called exactly and I don’t have access to check at the moment, sorry - the name is fairly obvious though IIRC) allows you to change Headers and Footers. You can manually add a version there (just type in the draft name each time you compile, or you can add variables for the current date. For example, you can add the current date by typing <$shortdate> in the footer and this will give you the date you compiled the document.

There are some limitations on the variables you can use in Footer and Headers though — you can’t use the document status field, for example. Details of the available variables and how to use them are on the help menu under Placeholder Tags (or similar - as I said, I’m typing this from memory…).

Like a lot of Scrivener, you can do some very advanced things with placeholders, which is why it looks complicated at first – but for your use case, it should take you a minute or two to set up and then you’re done. Don’t forget to save the compilation settings…

thank you, I found it under “page settings”. It works perfectly well and solves my problem- i am most obliged,

all the best to you

Glad it helped!

Hello RR

can you tell me exactly where you found this? Perhaps a screenshot? I would like to add text to the bottom of every page and I found this thread.

Thank you.