Adding a page break to a template?

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I’m a new user of Scrivener. Have had it for a few months. Did some novel writing in it, but I am currently writing a graphic novel script. I am using the built-in comic template for this. However there are two things that are becoming tiresome to say the least.

  1. I need to have a PAGE break on each “Page” item. I’ve tried to figure out how to add this to the template, but I am failing. I figured if I created a Style for the item in the template, that would make sense. I tried that but can’t seem to find how to add a page break to the style. I could add a keyboard shortcut and do it manually, but I prefer it be done automatically.

  2. To start a new page using the template, I have to hit return to bring up the menu, then down arrow 6 times to get to the Page Number item. I do this every time I start a new page. Is there a quicker way to generate the page number item?

The built-in Comic template is already set up to place a page break between each “Page” item - you just need to make sure you start each new page in a new document in the binder.

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Oh - you mean every single page has to be a single document in the “Draft 1” (or whatever you name it) binder? Hmm. Not crazy about that idea. This will be over 100 pages. Seems a bit cumbersome to have so many individual docs in a project.

Is the reason for this to be able to move pages around easier? I think I’d prefer all one document.

Is it not doable the way I suggested?

(Also, any tips on getting to items in the template menu quicker?)

And playing with it, I see how that works. So I have 100 documents all named “comic page” unless I manually rename them all. Is there a way to at least auto-append a #?

You can name documents what you want or you can leave the titles empty in which case they will show the first few words of the document text.

If you really don’t want each page in a different document, you can use page layout view (via View > Text Editing > Page View) and insert a page break manually before each page (Insert > Break > Page Break) just as you would do in a word processor, although that’s a little antithetical to how Scrivener works in general. By having your pages in separate documents, it makes it much easier to navigate.

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