Adding a Part to the Parts Novel

My novel is currently in TWO PARTS, however, a Beta reader suggested that I split Part 1 into two parts which would turn the original Part 2 into Part 3.

My problem:

I was able to ADD a PART 2 button but it wouldn’t let me insert it between chapters 23 and 24, the location where I need to split the current Part 1.

Instead, the NEW Part 2 button pops up right above the NEW Part 3. I tried to drag and drop Chapter 24 into the new Part 2 folder but it won’t let me do that either.

Thanks in advance for your suggestion/s.

SKW :slight_smile:

One thing to note here is that parts and chapters and all that are just folders at pre-determined levels of indent, in conjunction with your compile Formatting pane’s settings. It probably is set up to treat level 1 folders as parts and level 2 or greater folders as chapters.

So that’s really all you have to worry about, having a structure roughly like this:

Part 1 Chapter 1 scene scene scene Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Part 2 Chapter 4 ...

If you’re finding drag and drop to be a bit finicky, try using Ctrl+Arrow keys to move items around spatially. For example, if I wished to move chapters 2 & 3 in my above example into the Part 2 folder, I would select them both, then hit Ctrl-Left, now they are at the same level as part folders (and they would be printed as parts if you compiled right now), then Ctrl-Down to move them below Part 2, then Ctrl-Right to indent them beneath it—and now you can use Ctrl-Up/Down to move them within the part’s existing chapters. With multiple selection you can move lots of stuff around fairly quickly.

I appreciate the help BUT…

When you say hit CONTRL LEFT and CONTROL DOWN do you mean use just the CTRL KEY with the LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN Arrows?

I followed your instructions but when I wasn’t sure about the Ctrl Left, I moved the new Part (Part 2) I created by going into – Documents/move/left, Documents/move/down, etc.

When the NEW PART 2 was in position, I selected 5 chapters and tried to move them into position under the new Part 2, but it wouldn’t let me do it. I could only move the chapters that way if I kept them within Part ONE. In fact, once I moved the chapters to the LEFT one position, the software sent them to the bottom of Part 1, one level up from Part 2 where I was trying to place them.

When I SELECTED the five chapters to RETURN them to their original position, the first chapter (TITLE ONLY) moved back into position but the TEXT IS GONE AS ARE ALL OF THE OTHER CHAPTERS!!!

I immediately tried the UNDO but nothing happened.

Please tell me I haven’t LOST five chapters of my novel! Any idea where they might be or how I can find them?

This is a huge lesson in taking a snapshot BEFORE attempting to move anything.


The Ctrl+Arrow key combinations correspond to those precise menu commands. It’s just a quicker way of using them than drilling all the way down into that menu. You can also add these to the main application toolbar by the way, if you prefer the mouse.

What do you mean by “bottom” and “one level up” here? Perhaps a screenshot would be helpful. It sounds to me as though you are describing normal behaviour. If you outdent some items from a folder then they will be moved to the bottom of that folder, and indented at the same level as that folder. They couldn’t go anywhere else, logically.

It’s hard to say what is going on, as I can’t see what is on your screen, but it’s not possible to outright delete stuff immediately in Scrivener. At the very worst they will end up in the “Trash” folder at the bottom of the Binder. So my guess is you’ve just moved them somewhere and haven’t opened the folder to see where they went or something.

What you should do if something is missing is search for the name of it using the search field in the toolbar. It should pop up in the list on the left, and you can use the View/Reveal in Binder command to show where it is placed in the Binder.

What would be better in this case, if you are hesitant to change the order of things without a backup, is to use the File/Back Up/Back Up To… command. Snapshots only preserve the text of an item. If you delete that item, all of its snapshots will be deleted as well. If five items get misplaced, snapshots won’t help you bring them back. They are only for the text.

The backup command creates a complete image of your project. So if things go awry you can close the messed up project and open the backup instead (probably deleting the messed up project folder from Windows to avoid confusion down the road).

Thank you!

I figured out my problem. I had the Parts folder I was trying to add aligned under Manuscript instead of Part 1 so when I tried to add anything to it, it wouldn’t take it. One click to the right solved the issue and your helpful suggestions allowed me to proceed.

Thank you!