Adding a picture folder for travel book

Hi everyone - I am relatively “new” to Scrivener and am starting to write a travel book, small chapter a day style to edit mid-summer. I would like to find a “simple” way to add a bunch of photos to a folder so I have them at hand and do not need to search for them in summer.

So for example I have an “Italy” folder with different folders for the various cities. I would like to put all the “chianti producer A” pics in a folder under the chapter. Do you know how this is best done? I tried import and paste but it did not work.

There are a few ways to import images in particular. They can be embedded into text files for one thing, either by drag and drop or through the Edit/Insert/ submenu. But I wouldn’t recommend that method unless you want to describe the images with text or print them out with text—more like you’d do in a book itself.

For just having those images on hand, it will be much better to import them straight into the binder like any other type of research file. Again you can just drag and drop into the binder for that, making folders as you go or grouping images into folders after they are imported with the Documents/Group menu command. You can also use the File/Import/Files… menu command. As binder items, they will have all of the inspector tools available for them, including keywords, labels, notes and so forth, and they will show up on the corkboard as “polaroids” when viewing them.

Thanks. This sounds logical. More and more I am seeing the Mac as the “only” way to use Scrivener. My Mac Scrivener has never “lost data” and I actually never have an issue.

I am more of a PC person and this is my office computer so the remedy you described is correct (it seems) for a mac and my problem is basically a PC issue.

I will try to figure it out but thanks