Adding a to do list

First post to this forum, immediate apologies if I have missed this concept presented elsewhere.

I would like to suggest a to do list, possibly for cork board or maybe outline mode. This might be analogous to reminders in iOS. This would be really helpful when reusing a custom template for repetitive documents.


What specifically were you looking for, beyond what can already be done with a folder at the top of the binder and a list of action items within it? You can just delete items when they are completed, use the “Done” status setting, or move them to a “Done” folder if you are inclined to keep a record of your actions around.

With the method Amber is describing, you may also make Scrivener links
Between the task items and specific files or folders in the project.

If you use Chrome as a browser, try Google Tasks or Google Keep.
They give you simple task lists that are available in Chrome on Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

I have dynamic to do lists in my scrivener templates. Check out this post on my website where you can download the scrivener project file from last year’s Novel In A Day event which shows you what I mean. The article also talks (very quickly) about how it works as well. … -in-a-day/

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