Adding an image above chapter titles

I watched a youtube video on adding an image above your chapter titles ( However, the code does not seem to work on my macbook pro. I’m using version 3.3.2 on a 2023 14" macbook pro. Is there a different code for mac or does mac not support code?

I have my image directly in the Research folder. I am using the following code (I’ve also tried it without the .png extension):
<$img:tattoo.png; h=90>

Thanks for your help.

@drmajorbob has a method that I think works, along detailed explanations. You should search through his posts. (And I just so tagged him, too.)

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I’m not sure I did differently but now it’s working. Typical right after I make a post. :joy:

Placeholder typo. (?) Likely.

managing images

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