Adding arabic transliteration accents to text

Is anyone able to help me with adding accents to my text where I need to write Arabic in transliteration? ie I need a dot under or above letters and a ’ before some letters etc. All I can find are the standard European accents.

Make sure that you have <System Preferences : Keyboard : “Show keyboard character palette in menu bar” > turned on … You should then find a “Flag” menu showing the flag of your national keyboard setting towards the right end of your menu bar. Choose “Show Character Viewer : All Characters : By Category : European Scripts : Diacritics”. You’ll find what you need in there.

Turn on “Font variation : Collections : Containing selected character”. Highlight the diacritic you want in the upper pane. If you then choose the font you are using for your Arabic transcription in the lower pane, the “Insert” button down the bottom changes to “Insert with Font” if you need it.

Note, not all your fonts will necessarily support all the diacritics, so you’ll need to use one which does support the ones you need; and you’ll have to work out whether you choose the diacritic before you type the letter or after. I don’t actually know.


I’m not sure I ever thanked you for your help on this. I’m so sorry. But thank you very much (5 months later…)