Adding Cards to Corkboard

Hi. Is there a way of adding a specific number of cards to the corkboard, and perhaps of having them auto-numbered (or auto-labelled A, B, C etc) ?



Not with a single feature, but by using duplication you can create a whole bunch of placeholder documents at once in an exponential fashion. This is how I push Scrivener to the limits when testing tens of thousands of index cards on a single corkboard and such. :slight_smile: Like the old fable of doubling your pennies every day, you can end up filthy rich rather quickly (or dying of copper poisoning)!

Okay, more seriously, try Templates. If you set up yourself with a registry of cards (say from A to Z) and put those in your document template folder within a sub-folder, then at any point in the future you can use the Project/New From Template/ sub-menu to create a copy of that folder with all of the subdocument cards in the right quantity and labelling scheme you prefer.

Ah right. Template solution sounds good. Thanks!