Adding Collections

I almost wonder if this is a glitch?

I’m playing around and exploring the software, getting ready to start using it for the first time.

I was interested in trying to figure out a way to have multiple projects going in one project file.

So I added a “Collection”, which I thought would allow me to move back and forth between projects and just create folders and subfolders and text files in the new Collection.

But the new collection seems to be dysfunctional. I can’t add pages to it. And it kind of greys out; the option for new folders and pages are greyed.

It’s only when I switch back to the original collection (I’m in the tutorial). So then what is the collection for? It looked like it would allow one to create different sets of folders and the could switch between them, but now I’m not sure?


Collections are for storing flat lists of items from your project. There are some practical examples provided in the user manual, §8.4 (pg. 63 onward). There are two types, one that will gather material for you based on a search query, and another where you can organise what is in it and in what order. They are also useful for exporting pieces of work. You can compile the contents of a collection instead of compiling from the Draft folder.

We will be adding the ability to do that. It’s not crucial to the feature, and to be clear it is not projects within projects or something like that. These are ways of viewing items from the project. So if you create new items inside of a collection they will be gathered unsorted into a folder for that collection, back in the main Binder. You cannot create project resources without them being listed in the Binder. But it is missing, you are right about that. I believe most people use these to collect existing things together for analysis though. One might pull together all scenes written from one POV to check for character consistency, or collect all items that have comments containing the phrase “ToDo”—stuff like that.