Adding colophon / copyright page but opening on cover page


I’m new to the forum, and have tried to search around before posting.

I apologize if this is an issue that has been answered before.

Anyway, here is my issue:

I am trying to add a colophon / copyright page to the beginning of the document. I can do this either by:
a) putting the page on top of the draft and include it.
b) adding it as a front matter page from the Research-folder.

… I didn’t see any difference between the two options, so I find the first one to be the easiest.

Now, what I want to do is to open up the eBook on the cover page. Because opening the book to a copyright page looks dull. Alternatively, it can open directly to the first chapter.

How do you do this?

All answers are much appreciated.

edit on some Kindle forums I’ve read something about an HTML tag like

or , but I have no idea how to use this.


If you want to have the book open at the first chapter, make sure that the colophon page is part of the front matter folder and not part of the Draft folder, but just inserted using the front matter options in the “Contents” pane of Compile, and ensure “Book begins after front matter” is ticked in the “Layout” pane of Compile. This option inserts the necessary “start” tags into the Kindle .mobi file, telling it to open at whatever is at the top of the “Draft” folder (i.e. after anything in the front matter).

I don’t believe there is any way to tell a Kindle file to open at the cover.

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<$ebook_start> is the answer. Put that at the beginning of whatever section you want the kindle ebook to open to.

You can find this and many other “placeholder tags” by visiting Help->Placeholder tags list in the Scrivener menu. <$ebook_start> is the very last entry in that window, and has some other tips regarding this placeholder’s use.


You guys are the best! :smiley:

Thank you so much.