Adding document properties / metadata

I would like to add an additional property to each of the documents within my Scrivener project. For example, I would like to add a “Completion Date” (which I would set manually). Is there a way to do this? Does scrivener support this kind of custom property?


No, I’m afraid Scrivener doesn’t support custom properties like this. Where would it go? There is no room for it in the inspector…

Thanks and all the best,

It could be entered into a window similar to the keywords window.
Instead of keywords, one would enter metadata.
Because this is an extra window and not integrated into the inspector, only people that want to use will have to use it :slight_smile:

It was actually a rhetorical question. :wink:

I am not a keyword user in scriv so this suggestion might not work but…

In other apps that I use I enter something like complete==3/13/08 then I search for the completed== keyword

In scriv you might be able to get what you need using the same approach and a saved search.

I don’t know.
Can’t hurt to try.