Adding Dropbox to Mac version - After iOS version


I’ve been using Scrivener on my iPad and iPhone, and am syncing with Dropbox. That works fine, and I’ve got a lot of projects in use through Dropbox.

Now, I want to add my desktop version into the syncing loop. I read the knowledge base and manual, but I can’t figure out how. Do I just make the backup folder on my desktop version be the Dropbox folder? If so, will there no longer be any local backups? Any help would be appreciated.


No, you just navigate to the sub-folder in your Dropbox folder and open the project on your Mac. Backups is something completely different.
You do have the Dropbox app installed on your Mac and a folder named Dropbox visible in Finder?

Thanks for the reply. I guess I could do that for each individual project. I’m wondering if the project will then be easily synced with work done on my mobile devices. I was hoping to make all projects available on my Mac just as they are on my iPad, with one button to sync them all and get working.

If the Dropbox software is installed on your Mac, then the Dropbox folder will appear like any other location in Finder, and projects located there will be exactly as accessible as any other project on your hard drive. Synchronization should, for the most part, occur automatically (under the control of the Dropbox software).


I don’t think that’s possible for individual projects. If they’re in the “Dropbox” section of your iOS Scrivener’s list of projects, and you have synced at least once, then they’re ALL on the servers. When you install the Mac dropbox software, it’ll create a Dropbox folder and all of the folders and files that they have stored in your Dropbox account–including all those Scrivener project. Try it now; it’s a lot simpler than it might seem: Go to in your Mac’s web browser, log in, and then click on your name in the upper right part of the page. Click “Install”. Then when that downloads, install the application, and input your dropbox account name & password. It’ll start syncing automatically, and in a few seconds or minutes, it’ll be done with no further effort on your part.

It’ll be even easier on your Mac than on your iPad. So long as you wait for the Dropbox icon on your mac’s menu bar to indicate it’s done syncing all files, you don’t have to do anything else 99% of the time; you just double-click on a project and it opens in Scrivener for Mac.

Be sure to sync on your iPad after you move from Mac to iPad, and before you move back from ipad to Mac to ensure all your latest changes are on the device your moving to.

Thanks very much for the replies. This is all super helpful. Completely appreciated.