Adding existing note to existing connection lines?

Is it possible to connect existing note to existing connection line between two other notes without removing that connection line first and then joining all the notes together? So the idea is that there’s note A and note B connected together, and I would like to move the note C into the middle of those notes and to get it attached to their connection line.


The best way I can see of doing this involves three steps:

  1. Select the three notes.
  2. Use the Edit ▸ Connect All command.
  3. Drag the first note onto what is now the third note in the chain, to break its connection.

Now you have a line from the original note, passing through the intermediate, and onto the third.

Another approach, which may be easier in some cases, is to just hit Cmd-X to cut the desired intermediate note, then double-click on the connection line and paste. The first checklist will be better if the note itself has formatting settings you want to retain.

Thank you very much, Amber,
Yes, the first one is very helpful, because my workflow seems to lead me into this kind of situations constantly.
Best, J.T

One thing I’ve noticed in a few of the threads here in the Windows support forum is responses with Apple commands, which is a bit confusing.

Please keep this in mind for those of us who have never had an Apple and have no idea what those keys are. It’s much easier if the Windows keys are stated. Thanks :slight_smile: