Adding files


I am currently working on a screenplay and spend a lot of my time in corkboard mode - previously when i have added a new card (by double return) it has been the same type of file as all the others (the icon in the organiser is a little version of a card) - now when i do it the type of file is different (a yellowish icon in the shape of a small A4 page)

Is there a way i can choose which type of file i use?




The yellowish icon with the hole punches just means that is a text document set to use “script mode”. If you’re in a text document and hit cmd-8 (or go to Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode), the document will enter scriptwriting mode, and the icon will change to indicate that. If you deselect script mode, the icon will change back. When you add a new text document, it will use the current text mode.

You can set certain document types for folders, though, as of 2.2. To do so, you would select the folder and go to Documents > Default New Subdocument Type. This allows you to choose a document template that you have created in your Templates folder. From then on, creating a new document in that folder will use the default type.

Hope that helps.

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