Adding fonts

I have tried several times to add new fonts to Scrivener by placing the extracted fonts in the C:/Windows/psfonts folder. They are then available as expected in Microsoft and Adobe programs, but not in Scrivener 1.5.3. Any suggestions?

Should that be C:\Windows\Fonts

pigfender, you showed me the correct installation folder for Windows fonts = C:\Windows\Fonts.

It was a real oversight on my part - I should have known better.

I copied all the fonts in the C:\Psfonts folder to C:\Windows\Fonts.

Do you think I should now delete the C:\Psfonts folder?


No, leave that folder there. That’s where Adobe stores PostScript fonts for use in it’s programs, I believe.

You are fast. Thank you.

As far as I know:

  1. Fonts have to be INSTALLED (not just copied into the Fonts folder) by opening the Fonts folder in Control Panel, clicking “install” in the menu, then opening the path where you have the fonts

  2. There is no sub-folder to the fonts folder
    ALL fonts are installed in
    C:\ Windows\Fonts

Just copying a valid font into the folder will tell Windows to install it, so it’ll be fine.

Well, that’s certainly a lot easier.