Adding footnotes to Imported documents?

May 18, 2012
If I import a document that was originally created in Scrivner and then edited, can I add new footnotes? If so, will the footnotes renumber themselves or does adding a new footnote just create problems? My document has about 50 footnotes and I do not want to endanger their numbering and links. Thanks

Do the existing footnotes appear in Scrivener as footnotes, or as ordinary text?

If they appear as footnotes, then it’s as if you had been working in Scrivener all along, and you should be able to add more without any trouble. If they appear as ordinary text, then the export/import cycle wiped out the encoding that Scrivener uses to identify footnotes, and so the numbers won’t reset properly.

If you’re not sure, the easiest test is to make a duplicate copy of the file, add a footnote, and see what happens.