Adding "Front Matter"

Forgive me if this has been asked elsewhere.
I have started all my writing tasks with a blank template and added folders as needed. It was my only way of just getting on with the writing without getting sidetracked by having to learn and fiddle with new software. I did all my older writing simply in Apple Pages.
I have now got to the stage where I need to consider “Front Matter” and how to use it.
Is there a way to insert the template folder (Front Matter) into an existing project? I have looked at the Fiction template and like the explanation of the various parts needed - and giving one the option of just dropping in your own information.
So - is there any way of copying just the Front Matter folder and dropping it in an existing project?

Yes. From the template, right click the Front Matter folder in the binder and select Copy to Project then just select your project and the location within that project where you want the Front Matter to go.

Thanks for that. Will give it a go.