adding hashtag to separate scenes

This should be simple, but I’m not able to do this so far. I thought the hashtags between scenes within a chapter in compile (Scrivener 3) were default. But my document does not have any hashtags. I don’t know if I hit something to take them out.

I have three section types - Chapter Heading, Chapter and Scenes. In all of them I want scenes to be separated by a hashtag. Right now there is an empty space and the next line is not indented., Which is fine. But I’d like the hashtag in.

My second challenge is that I have four chapters that I want titled as it is on the binders, I have them as Chapter Heading and that works. The binder settings are the titles. And there’s a page break before it.

But I want the many other chapters un-named (with no title), I want a page break. And start 14 spaces down. I’ve chosen Chapter for this section type. When I’m editing this format - I see they have a check for the 14 spaces. But it won’t do it if there’s not a page break. If I can get this section to have a page break before it - it should be fine. Right now these chapters just look like a scene break.

So - How do I put a page break before chapters without a title?

Summary: the two questions - how do I put in a hashtag between scenes within a chapter and how do I put in a page break before the chapters?



I’m editing the format in a copied Manuscript (Times) format. Copy and edit.

Must the hashtags be part of the assigned section layouts? For scenes, I don’t see any choices that have hashtags within the text that doesn’t have a title as part of that choice. But maybe I’m choosing the wrong section layout for scene.

For my chapters, when I’m editing section layout “chapter” under separators, I’m choosing “page break” under Separator between sections. And have the “Use default separators” unchecked.



I’ve solved the hashtags by hitting “Use default separators” in the section text. That has also started my chapters without a title on a new page. Which is all good.

Now I just want to get those untitled chapters down 14 spaces on the new page. Right now they start at the top of the page.

I’ve tried to set “page break” so it can activate the 14 spaces down but I can’t get it to work. It says it will put in the 14 spaces only if there’s a page break. Is the “Use default separators” limiting the “page break” order?