Adding headers for short story

Okay, I know this is a really stupid question, but bear with me. I just don’t understand how to add the standard headers for a short story submission (i.e. name/title/page number) to my MS using the compile feature. I have read the manual, and tried to do as it says, but headers are not showing up. Obviously I’m not getting something. When I click the Page Settings on the Compile window I see the places to enter the info for the headers. So, on the “header” line there is a box with bold italic, which I leave as-is, the next box has <$p> for pg no., which I leave as is, and the third box I have changed to read <$Smith>/<$Irony>/<$p>. I also have selected "no header on first page and pages following page breaks. But when I click on compile (choosing Rich Text (.rtf- Word Compatible), I don’t see the header on pages 2 and following. Have I done this right? Sorry, I just don’t understand HTML so don’t know if I was supposed to enter stuff in those boxes, but when I leave them blank I also don’t get headers.
Again, I realize that probably most Scrivener users can do this in their sleep but every time I try to do this I struggle and I’ve never got it right. Please help me! I need a simple, step by step explanation, I guess.

I assume that you want Smith displayed as author and Irony as title, so just type Smith and Irony, forget about the <$ … >, they are indicator for variables. <$p> should replace the page number as usual.

Hope this helps!

Okay, tried that. I put in Smith/Irony/<$p> in the third box. First two boxes in the “header” line I left as-is.

Still no header on my exported MS. Now what?

Are you opening the compiled document in a program that cannot display page headers? TextEdit is a common culprit, as it is the default editor for text documents of all types on a Mac. Try something along the lines of LibreOffice, instead.

Hmm/ Well, I was exporting to RTF (Word compatible) and tried Microsoft Word instead, still no headers. Arrghh. The first page is formatted perfectly, with my name, address, etc on top left, approximate word count on top right, title centred in the middle with my name underneath. That all seems to work fine in RTF or Word export. But no headers on second page and following.

I might not have worded that clearly, RTF is perfectly fine to use as your export option. The important thing is what you open the document with after you compile. What is the name of the software in the upper left of your screen, by the Apple logo, when you’re looking at the compiled document?

Well, I have exported it as a Word doc, so it shows up on my desktop as a Word doc, and when I open it, it is a Word doc. (But no headers, sigh). Is that what you mean? Shouldn’t it open in the format you saved it in?

It matters mainly in what you open the file with. One could for example write an RTF viewer that absolutely butchers the format, prints everything in bright green on bright red using nothing but Comic Sans. At that point it doesn’t matter how good the exporter is. So when you say it opens as a Word doc, does that mean you’re looking at it with Microsoft Word?