Adding headers

Okay, I’m confused about how to do this. I’ve got my story ready to compile, but I can’t find where I add headers, i.e. the standard Author Name/Story Name/Page Count that is required for most submissions, starting on the second page.

Could you give me a step by step outline of what to do? I keep looking in the manual, etc, but I’m lost. When I click on things it tells me to click on to do this, what comes up for me is not what comes up according to the instructions. For example, when I click “page setup” i don’t get the window with header/footer settings, I get the printer menu coming up, which does not look at all like the window shown on page 410 of the manual.


This section of the user manual is documenting all of the various compile panes. One of these is called “Page Settings”, which is where you will find these options. It sounds to me as though you are using the File/Page Setup… command instead.

That said, if you haven’t already modified your compile settings significantly, you may wish to try the “Standard Manuscript Format” preset, from the “Format As” menu at the top of the compile window. You may need to tweak some things, like using the Quick Font Override to change from Courier to TNR, that all depends on the instructions you’ve received, but it may get you close to where you need to be—it will set up this particular format for headings, for instance.