Adding icons to index cards on the corkboard?


I would like to know if it is possible to add an icon (or more) to index cards on the corkboard? I’m not asking about the main icon of the scene/chapter but more about secondary icons that could be associated with keywords for instance.

Here is a (fake) example of how I would like this to look ideally:

Any ideas?

PS: I’ve tried adding icons or even special characters like (:heart:, ♫…) to each chapter’s synopsis but it doesn’t work. I guess I could just use the “image” feature of the synopsis but that doesn’t really suit me.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT : My Scrivener version is - 03 oct. 2018

There is a way to do something similar, but it’s a bit limited and may not work yet on Windows (sorry I can’t test it). I suspect that it’s not all that useful, but I’ll mention it so you can decide for yourself.

You simply have to create a status with the emoji of your choice, then use View > Corkboard Options > Show status stamps.

The limitations? You can only have one status per card, and it’s always going to be diagonally across the card (though you can change the font size).

Here’s what it looks like in V3 on the Mac.

I just tried pasting in an emoji character into the text of a synopsis… and it worked for the Scrivener 3 beta. Not sure if the current release of Scrivener can take emoji characters, but that might be what you’re after.

Note that in v3 at least, emoji can be used for document icons, or in any place where you can enter text, including titles.

Thanks to both of you :slight_smile:.

And this is when I mention I’m working with Scrivener version is - 03 oct. 2018 on Windows 10 :blush: Should’ve been on my first post, sorry.

@ Brookter: I can’t really “create a status with an emoji” (I think) but I can create a status with special characters (at least some of them)! This might be the best workaround…

@ Rdale: Yeah, with my version, some characters are okay, some just display as white squares. I might try to update to V3 Beta 10 (… but I’m a little scared to :confused:

I would wait on replacing your current Scrivener with v3 until next year–the current beta is set to expire in December, and compile isn’t completely implemented yet. They always wait until a day or so before the expiration date to provide a new beta release, and with the holidays coming shortly after, that means spotty support from the forums.

Thanks, that seems like the best plan :slight_smile:.