Adding/Importing Keyword List?

Is there a way to add or import a list of keywords rather than adding them one at a time? I know I can open a file, paste the list and then drag and drop each individual word into the keyword window in the inspector, but what I’d like to do is simply import (or whatever) the entire list all at once. Is there a way?


No, the keywords are just added one at a time. If you tend to use the same keywords, or the same base set of keywords, for multiple projects, you could set this up once in and then create a project template to save yourself having to do it in the future. File > Save As Template will create a custom template from your project, using the meta-data you have set up, the files in the binder, the project-specific options (labels visible in the binder, stamps appearing on index cards, etc.) so that you can then start new projects with all of this set up the way you like it.

Actually what I have is a fully structured web site complete with over 500 tags. I’ve brought all the articles into Scrivener as straight text (not as web pages) and I’d like to add the tags as keywords so I can match them with the article contents. Since it’s very easy to collect the tags into a list I was hoping there would also be an easy way to import the tag list.