Adding keywords to collections

Unless I’m overlooking something, when in a collection, there is no way to drag a keyword and it to multiple docs at a time, and you first have to use Reveal in binder.

It would be good if that was possible.

Yeah, that should be working but it clearly is not. It looks like it is slightly easier (especially if you do not want to have Reveal change the Binder’s outliner expansion state) to select the items in the main editor (so that assumes using Corkboard or Outliner for the purpose) and then dragging the keyword there instead of into the sidebar.

Hey thanks. That hadn’t occurred to me. It does seem cleaner to quickly flip into Corkboard, select all, then drag the kw; than it is to do a Reveal in the editor, especially since the Reveal button isn’t (AFAIKT) keyboard accessible.

What prompted my post is that I was selecting a folder in the binder, then doing different searches on the binder selection only, and adding keywords to the results. Having to do a Reveal caused the binder selection I was searching on to get lost, so I’d have to reselect it before doing the next search on the same folder. That re-selection step is what made the inability to drag directly to a collection really stand out.

That should be bound to Ctrl-Shift-8 by default, and is customisable in the Keyboard options. But yes, I can see how that method would be a pain if you’ve been doing selection scoped searches!

Ctrl+Shift+8 does a reveal in binder for the currently active doc. But (AFAICT) there’s no way to access the button in the editor header where the Reveal, Goto, etc menu is, and that’s the only way (again, AFAICT) to get a multi-doc reveal.

If you have multiple items selected in the binder, using Ctrl+Shift+8 will keep them all selected and show them in the binder. This also works for multiple items selected on the corkboard and the outliner, when the focus is in the editor. The Reveal in Binder command in the editor header just has the special behaviour for Scrivenings, showing the container or complete multiple selection loaded in the editor instead of the single document in focus.