Adding keywords to multiple files

It’s curious how… unless I’m drastically missing something… it’s possible to select either single or multiple files in the binder and drag a keyword to one of them and have it applied to all, but the same thing doesn’t work with search results or collections, which (intuitively, at least) are just another subset of binder items.

It’s possible to add Labels and Status tags to one or more multiple items, whether in the full raw binder or a collection, if you right click one of them, but for some reason it can not (AFAICT) be done from a top menu.

The way around this with keywords is to do the search or open the collection, do a reveal in binder, and then add kw via dragging, but not via a right click or top menu.

I love Scrivener (I hope you know) but the inconsistency of the operational inconsistencies across like objects, under like circumstances, through like panels, and with like mouse actions, is as impressive in it non-intuitiveness as are some of Scriv’s most powerful and polished features.

I dream of full kb and menu customization that let’s me set things up in a more sensible way.


The inability to drag keywords to items in a search collection is a bug. I’ve ensured it’s on the list.