Adding kindlegen location in version 1.9?

I dutifully searched the documentation and forum, but have found no reference to my particular problem. Attempting to compile to .mobi format, the dialog box informs me that I need to “follow the instructions on the ‘KindleGen’ page in the compile dialog”. Alas, I see no KindleGen page anywhere. Compile offers me the option of .mobi, but no KindleGen. I have not found any way to specify the location of the kindlegen file on my computer in Scrivener. The version I have is 1.9.0, on Windows.

Online, the screenshots I have seen are very different than my setup (perhaps Mac?) . There is great puzzlement…

Thanks in advance,

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to download and decompress (unzip) KindleGen…
Download KindleGen from
It is in compressed (.zip) format, so must then decompress (unzip) it.
In Windows, can do this via right clicking on it and selecting Extract All and specifying a location to extract it to.
The extracted/decompressed folder contains kindlegen.exe
There is no further installation required for KindleGen itself.

Then, you’ll need to tell Scrivener where to find KindleGen.
In Scrivener, go into File > Compile.
In the left column, select Contents, then in the panel to the right, set Compile For to “Kindle (Mobi) Book (.mobi)”.
That will cause KindleGen to appear in the left column.
Click on KindleGen in the left column, then in the Choose KindleGen Path panel to the right,
click the Change button and navigate to where you extracted KindleGen,
select kindlegen.exe, click Open.
You are now ready to compile a Kindle .mobi