Adding material/reference to a folder and subdocuments

Is possible to have this?

Imagine i have a binder with:
5 folders/files
in each of them 3 files


I’d like to create a reference from my file to all the B files.

I could do this dragging the reference file to each of the files B b1 b2 b3.

Is possible to CREATE a reference for the SECTION?
I mean: a medium between the project reference and the file reference.

There are documents, pdf, images, that are documents of that section.
So every time i open a file of the section (b1 or b2 or b3) i find the reference in it, automatically; even if i create a new file b4.

tks! :slight_smile:

While it’s possible to assign references to a folder, they won’t be “inherited” by the subdocuments.

It may not be quite what you want, but you can associate a reference with a document template, and then all files created from that template will have the same reference.

Document templates are discussed in more detail in section 8.5 of the manual. Briefly:

  • Create a folder outside of your Draft folder, and use the Project -> Set Selection as Templates Folder command to designate it as a template folder.

  • In that folder, create a document (which can be blank), and use the Document References pane to assign a reference to it.

  • Then use the Project -> New From Template command to create a new file based on the template.


Thanks for the suggestion Kathe!

It’s not the same thing, but it’s a good idea… :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,