Adding more authentic names to the Name Generator's list

I find the name generator to be quite a nifty feature, proof that the program is really designed for serious writers. There are a lot of on-line resources for names, but having a built-in capability to quickly generate a character’s name is a definite plus.

But judging from the Filipino names available, the generator could be improved. The Filipino surnames available are merely a smattering of Spanish surnames, but not all Filipino surnames are Spanish. A writer wanting to add that extra touch of authenticity might be well-advised to consider using native surnames, but will not find any in the generator (yes, my own surname is “native”). In addition, the Spanish surnames on the “Filipino” list are garden-variety Castillian, while many Filipinos with Spanish surnames have names of Basque or Catalan origins.

Granted there’s not a lot of demand for FiIipino character names in world literature, but I suspect that the same would apply to some other nationalities and ethnicities in the database as well. Is there a way for Scrivener users to come together and contribute to a more authentic and comprehensive set? This is not a high-priority issue, obviously, but something to consider. There is an “Import” feature in the name generator for adding to the list, but if I understand correctly, this is limited to my own installation of the program and does not share the additions with other Scrivener users.

There have already been some efforts along these lines. You might want to take a look at this thread: