Adding multiple scenes/notes/text documents at once

If I want to add a scene to a chapter, I can right-click, add, new text. But what if I want to add 20 at once? Do I really have to do that 20 times? Same for notes, characters, etc.

I imagine there is an easy way I am just not seeing.


Hi :slight_smile:

You can use the shortcut repeatedly.
It is super fast.

(I’m a Windows user, I don’t know what the shortcut is for you. Look in the “Project” menu or search for “new” in the options/Keyboard.)

You can also just hit “Return” a couple of times. Select document, hit Return, enter title of new document (optional), hit return again, repeat. Works in the Binder, Corkboard, or Outline view.

(Note that this option is configurable. On the Mac, look at Scrivener → Settings → Behaviors → Return Key.)


LOL ok, thanks Vincentx2 and kewms. The return key is the ticket for me (Mac user).

Hopefully as a new user I can limit the number of silly questions I ask.


There are no silly questions. Imo, the only silly question is the one you never ask! :wink: