Adding New Chapter in Novel Format

There is probably a really obvious answer to this question. I did search the boards but couldn’t see anything which directly answered it, so I hope I’m not going over old ground.

I’m importing a word file into my new project and splitting it into chapters and scenes. However, when I add a folder to get a new chapter to split my document into, it’s just an empty folder with out the automatic formatting page of the example first chapter. Am I missing a simple add command where it adds a chapter folder with the formatting already in place?

Currently getting around it by duplicating the first one then deleting the duplicated scene that comes along with, but I’m sure I’m making life very difficult for myself and doing this completely the wrong way!

Many thanks.

(1) Take the Chapter Folder that has the formatting you wish for all your chapter folders and duplicate it once.

(2) Then make sure the “copy folder” is empty.

(3) Duplicate the copy.

(4) Select both empty copies (hold down shift) and duplicate both (you should now have 4)

(5) Select all 4 empty copies and duplicate them and you should now have 8

RInse and repeat until you have enough blank folders.

What I do is I set up a BLank Project with Novel format and duplicate the scene and folder. The duplicates I name CHAPTER TEMPLATE and SCENE TEMPLATE. THen as I write I duplicate the “blank templates” and use the copies always leaving my templates blank.

If that makes any sense?

That does make sense, thank you :slight_smile: Am glad I’m not missing a big button which adds another template folder/file… was beginning to think I was going mad! Would seem to be a logical feature in later versions though?

I don’t know Keith’s exact plans for the next update to SCR but I do know that he is adding a whole lot of new features and abilities. I don’t know if he has plans for anything like this. I know he is doing a lot about templates, etc so maybe he is already addressing this but…

If you ever want to make a suggestion just post it here

PS: Welcome to the Scrivener Community.

Brilliant - thank you very much for your help, and thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

You can use Simple Duplicate (shift-cmd-D) rather than Duplicate to copy a folder without copying its subdocuments too.

The next update has a “New From Template” menu. You can have a folder in the binder containing template files and set the folder as the template folder. Selecting an item from the “New From Template” menu item will then just duplicate the selected item at the current selection. Uh, I think that will make a lot more sense in practise than the way I just explained it!

All the best,

Ah, simple duplicate makes things a lot easier, thank you :slight_smile:

The “New from Template” explanation made a lot of sense - sounds a great solution. Looking forward to the update!

And thanks for a great program, Keith. It’s making life so much easier than my scattered notes and cobbling along with one huge document in Word - have got some enthusiasm back into the thought of actually doing something with my first draft!