Adding new character sheets on the fly

I know it’s possible to select a section of text and append it to an existing character sheet (a separate document), but is it possible to create a new character sheet doing this?

I often invent new characters on the fly, just by describing them, and would find it helpful to be able to select that description and create a character page for them without having to stop and create the page in the binder first, the append the description.

If there’s a way to do this already, I don’t know how.


Append Selection to Document > New…

I also consider Cmd-L (Edit > Scrivener Link > Create New Link) excellent for this. Select the text and use Cmd-C to copy it, then Cmd-L to create a new link. In the panel that pops up you can choose whether to link to a new or existing document (new is always chosen by default although this will change in 2.2 so it remembers your last setting). Chose the destination location (e.g. your “Characters” folder) and type in a name for your new character document, then click OK. By default the new document will open in a QuickReference window and you can paste the description there and close it. Back in the main editor then, you can either leave the description linked to your character sheet–some people find that handy–or you can use Cmd-Z to undo the link creation and then just carry on typing. Although it will undo linking the text, the actual document you just created is still safe in the binder right where you put it, and if you have “Create back-link references” ticked in the Navigation pane of Scrivener > Preferences, your new character sheet will even have a link in the document references to this scene where you took the description from. (That’s the part that makes it so great, opposed to the Append Selection option. :wink: It just makes me feel like I’m being really organized.)