Adding New Folder Already Has Text

I created a character sketch. Now, every time I add a new folder or text to the story, it is always that character sketch. It’s not a blank sheet.
How do I get it back to the default settings? What did I do wrong to have this happen? I don’t want to do that again. Very annoying.
Thank you for your help.

Hi, jb00, and welcome to the forums! This sounds similar (though I don’t know that it’s the same thing) to a problem discussed in this thread: [url=]. It’s a long discussion, but ultimately the problem was solved by the somewhat drastic method of creating a new project and dragging everything into it.

One possible solution to the puzzle is that something has gone awry with the way your document templates are set up, so that the Character Sheet is being used for all new documents, rather than just when you want it.

Easiest way to test this should just be to remove the templates feature temporarily. Choose the Project > Clear Templates Folder menu item, then try to create a new document (ctl-N) at the top level of the binder. If the problem goes away, then we know it’s a templates issue. If not, then at least we’ve got the obvious out of the way…

Thank you both for your suggestions.
What ultimately worked was creating a new project, and copying files from the old project to the new one. For the template character sketches, I did not drag and drop them. I only copied the text over in fear of somehow copying the formatting, or the bug by mistake.
Scrivener is now up and running like normal.