Adding new folders under folders

I typically organize into Act I, Act II, Act III folders. Each folder contains a series of chapter folders and I title each one, even if I haven’t written anything yet. If I need to add a new chapter folder somewhere, I find it impossible to line it up just right so it falls under my larger ‘Act’ folder – instead, the new folder gets lodged in as a subset of the chapter folder before it (which it isn’t).

How can I add a new folder and ensure that it falls in the correct place?

Jennifer, how exactly are you creating the folders? Are you aware that folders (and all files, in fact) can be dragged around in the Binder? You can also use cmd-ctrl-left (or right, up, down) to move selected files in and out of Binder heirarchies. Finally, holding down the alt key while dragging files will prevent you from dragging them “on top” of other documents, thus ensuring you don’t accidentally make them the child document of another.

(1) If you make sure that, in the binder, the highlight is on a folder of the level that you want the new one to be created at, rather than in the sub-folder you’re currently working in, when you choose “New Folder” it will be created at the bottom of the list of folders at the designated level.

(2) If you do create a folder at the wrong level for you, or you don’t want the new one at the bottom of the list, it’s easy to move them around using to the appropriate level and location. The “move” commands are also available under the <Document : Move: …> menu.

HTH :slight_smile:


Antony, you beat me to it by one minute!

But I didn’t know about the Alt key, so thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks, all!

Very happy - the alt key did the job.