Adding New Text Format

I need help with the new text function. Every time i add a new scene by clicking the green and black add text icon it gives me a new document that is not blank, rather it is a character sheet with all of the text showing. Its annoying because i have to delete everything before i can start my writing my next scene. It only started doing this a day ago and i have wasted much time trying to fix it. Can anybody help me please? I need to know hoe to revert the new text format back to a blank scene when i press the button.

You probably use 1.9 version, right? I had the same problem. It’s a bug. For now, there is no fix. At least to my knowledge.

What I have done is: I created a new project and drag & dropped all the documents from the original one inside this new one.

thanks Krastev. I tried your recommendation and it has worked. You’re a gem, keep on helpin, keep on writin. Thanks again. The flow will now resume. You know you dont want to have to stop and select all and then delete all when all you wanna do is keep the story flowing.

It is useful.

My pleasure. :slight_smile: Good luck with your writing. :slight_smile: