Adding non-standard sections to Novel with Parts

Hi all,

I’m using the Novel with Parts template, and compiling primarily to epub, though I will need to compile to other formats in the end as well.

I feel like I must be missing something obvious here.

What I want is to add sections to the end of the book, (e.g. Epilogue, Afterword, etc). I do not want these parts to have “chapter #” or “part #” attached to them, but I do want them to appear in the table of contents and use appropriate headings in the epub output.

Is this possible? What am I missing here?

The closest I was able to come was to just add a file to the top level of the manuscript and set it to “compile as is”, but this does not have the desire effect.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Check in the Title Adjustments compile option pane. There is a gear button here labelled “Do not add title prefix or suffix to documents:”. Click that and check off all of the items that are not within the part-chapter flow.

As you note As-Is is better for special-case stuff like title pages where you don’t want a title at all, and want the formatting of the document to be used without alteration (in cases where the compiler is cleaning up body text formatting)—so stuff like title pages, dedication, copyright and so on.