Adding one start date to multiple items of text?

I do extensive research and Scrivener is excellent for that. I just wonder if it is possible to add one (same) date into the Custom metadata fields called ‘Start:’ for more than one item?
like marking the relevant files in the binder and then… something
it would save me a LOT of time…
The reason it bothers me specificly is that when I sync the project to AEON Timeline, all entries without a ‘Start:’ value may end up random places on the time line… like ‘Mar 2036’

Crossing fingers

I would have said yes, and that I got the answer a while ago to a similar question on the forum. However, I can’t find the reference to it.

I have a Scrivener tip that says this can be done by using cork board mode, selecting multiple items and right clicking to change the metadata value. I’m pretty sure this used to work.

However, on the most recent Scrivener version (3.03), the following happens:

  1. Go to cork board mode with multiple items selected from binder.
  2. On the cork board, select one item. In the inspector, you can see its metadata items if the metadata icon is selected.
  3. Select more than one cork board item. Now, my inspector shows the project bookmarks. ??? I don’t know why it does this not what the usage model for this choice is. Also, the right click menu doesn’t have any option I can find for changing metadata, only section mode, label and status.

The same things happen if you try to use outline mode instead of cork board mode.

So now have the same question.

I don’t know of a way to do what you wanted. Easiest way I can think of is to use Outline mode: you can activate a column associated with that Start metadata field. Now, having selected the relevant docs in the Binder, you can go down that column in the outliner pane and paste paste paste the common date.

That is more or less what I do… and right now I have about 1800 items with common faulty startdate: “Mar 2018”… so I can easily find them :slight_smile: … it is the nest step I would like to compress… will have a look at the cork board mode as suggested by someone else

Well, I have found a way to do it, for me.
first I use scrivener search function, which ALSO looks into custom metadata! from this resulting list I pick the top one… and I have then recorded the keystrokes and mouse movements, that copies the date from a specific fixed place in the text and paste it into the custom field Start:
there you are.
when I run this macro via hotkey combo the date will be copied and pasted… AND then the search will be updated so the the ‘next one in line’ is now number one… hotkey… and repeat until my eyes see there is no more with incorrect data.
It is one at a time, but rather this hotkey fingering than making a one for all goof up :frowning:
The macro thing is handled by “Keyboard Maestro”… which can do umpteen other things. (it is free to try, and if you like it it is 35dollars)
Maybe this will be of inspiration for others