Adding Options to "Right Click" Inside Scrivener

Is there a way to add new options to “right click” inside Scrivener? For instance, I use the Strikethrough option a lot while working inside my current Scrivener project. I know I can access it through selecting Format>Font>Strikethrough, but I’d like to find an easier way to do this.

I’d say the easiest way is through its shortcut, ⇧⌘- (hyphen), which is easy to remember because it is like typing a bunch of hyphens over the text, like one would on a typewriter. You can customise the shortcut if it doesn’t work for you.

I have Scrivener for Mac OS. Is there a way to add the strikethrough to the Toolbar?

No, I don’t think so. But isn’t using the key command easier anyway?