Adding or changing document titles

One of the reasons that Scrivener is not easy to use to edit/import existing text files is that they have to be broken up in to individual documents before you can use the “full features” of Scrivener to reorganize and structure the document.

The most tedious problem is breaking them up into chunks and turning the chunks into Scrivener documents. I solved the chunk problem problem by using a script to break a one meg file up into the documents I wanted based on a header keyword. This created 244 files that were in the proper sequence and imported easily into a Scrivener Project. This only took a couple of minutes.

The Scrivener import process used the file name for each individual document title–which was NOT what I wanted… It was very tedious to change each document’s name, one at a time–by hand. I used copy and paste to do so–which barely made it feasible.

I would like a new feature activated by a; hotkey, icon, control key, function key, right mouse click, or… that would make “anything” that is highlighted in the editor replace the current document title.

That would save a lot of time when importing and editing a document that was not created in Scrivener–and make using Scrivener MUCH easier to use to maintain, edit and upgrade existing documents.

Or is there someway to do this that I missed?

I use documents/split ctrl+K or documents/split with selection as title ctrl+shift+K.

It can use a highlighted bit of the document as the title, if you want. So: Import novel, highlight chapter, or heading, or whatever and split. Repeat to end. :slight_smile:

In addition to “Split with Selection as Title”, which Camy mentioned, you can also select text and set it as the title without splitting by using Documents>Set Selection as Title. This isn’t in the context menu yet but it should be, so I’ll make sure that’s on Lee’s list.

The current split implementation is still buggy, though, so this should also get easier with the next fix; splitting will put the focus in the binder with the new split’s title selected and ready for you to just type a new name.That’s for a regular split; if you’re splitting with the selection as a title, then the focus will just stay in the editor, ready for you to split the next document.