Adding Powerpoints to Scrivener

At least half the work in my field is presented in PPTS (unfortunately, the sentence seems to be dying a fragmented death). Converting a ppt to a pdf to attach to Scrivener’s not a great option. Can I add a ppt file to my Scrivener research?

I’d guess that isn’t going to happen. PowerPoint interpretation and rendering would be a very complex and involved coding project for anyone to undertake (probably even more difficult than reverse engineering and writing your own Microsoft Word DOC reader, and just as rife with risk because Microsoft is constantly changing their format), and with benefit to only a few people. I’d say most Mac users are going to be on KeyNote. Does PowerPoint have an export to RTF or plain-text function that will let you get the data out in a more manageable way? Unless you really need the diagrammes, that might be more useful.

I think he format changed with Office 2007 (PC) and Office 2008 (mac) to pptx. In fact all of the office formats changed adding the x to denote the switchover to xml as a competing format to further battle java if my memory serves me correctly.

Convert to PDF may be the best option. Or maybe wait and see what may come from the open source community since the old Office formats (pre 2007 and 8 versions like .doc ) were given over to the open source community for legacy compatibility and further causing mayhem with the new format Office has taken on. Maybe down the road a “converter” will be written but since not much interest is in legacy formats I do not think much interest will be shown…

Off-topic, but it was actually to compete with the Open Document Format (ODF). I might be wrong in some of the details as I didn’t follow it too closely, but…

In theory, governments etc. have laws that require them to publish all of their documents in an open standard format, so that they are not seen to be requiring their citizens to use a particular software product like Microsoft Word. Obviously, Microsoft doesn’t like this, as they want as many people forced to use Word as possible - as we all know to well, with its industry dominance, it is not easy to get away from. But if governments started publishing in an open format, you would be able to use their services/information without having Microsoft Office.

So basically, Microsoft proposed an alternate “standard” that was an order of magnitude longer than the ODF version, filled with all sorts of legacy rubbish such as “this tag causes to display like in Word 95”, and was in truth not only extremely poorly written, but was not open at all, as the definitions still required you to know proprietary Microsoft formats to implement the standard correctly.

Last I heard, they were trying to browbeat and bribe voting countries to accept their version as an IEEE standard, so that those governments with laws about these things would continue to publish stuff that could only be opened in Microsoft products.

THe turning over of the old format was to battle the Open Source community and the legacy question of opening older government documents. Of course they switched to yet another Proprietary standard based on XML which they have been pushing since they lost the battle over what they wanted to make Java become (proprietary) and in the future once again gain dominance over a widely used internet standard while giving the impression that they are actually “helping” by making their old format available for open source (now that it is no longer used).

MS is very blatant in their bait and switch. And yes the new format they are trying to shove down everyone’s throat as an “open standard” (XML) but when in fact MS has muddied the waters so much developers are left scratching their head.

Remember. “Don’t ask what Vista can do for you ask what you can buy for Vista”.


On a side note does anyone besides me find Microsofts attempts at GUI very confusing and depressing?


Just add the PPT as a Project or Document reference in the Inspector.

Thanks Sampler - this is a good suggestion and not just for ppt files - I probably hadnt worked it out before. What I have done is to make a new folder with a name that I can see attaches it to the scr project - I am now dumping all my original files. So now I can see the pdf of the ppt - plus open it immediately from the inspector if I need to - it also means I can find it … I’ll probably do it with other files where I need to store the original someone safe.