Adding project statistics to toolbar and footer

I am a big “word count fiend” (one of the things that keeps me writing for just a few more minutes). Is it possible to add “Project Statistics” button to the header of Scrivener (by going to Customize Toolbar or somewhere else) so we can get them with a few less clicks?

Alternatively, is there a way to add the Project Word Count bar and Session Word Count bar to the footer? That way I can tell at a glance how close I am to meeting my daily goal across all documents.
(Actually I don’t suppose there is some way that Scrivener would keep track of your word counts and provide graph of how you did across the month. For example, logs word count based on dates).

Is there a timer for if I want to write 2 hours?

OK, ok, I’ll stop now. You can see that I am a fiend about this stuff. I am a new mac user and just got Scrivener and I LOVE IT. This is such a good app that you can immediately see the benefits just from using the tutorial. (On PC, I used Excel formulas to track daily/project/scene word counts and organize docs and I’m trying to replicate that ability here… only better, cause it’s scrivener.) :slight_smile:

Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your help!

I’ll add this to the Wish List forum instead since it probably fits better there.

Oop, no need to double-post! I read them all. Sorry I didn’t respond. There are no plans for this sort of thing I’m afraid. You can have your project targets panel open alongside your window, though.

All the best,

Oh, wait, how do you do that? That would be great! (sorry for the double post! I should have waited for you to have a chance to read it).

Just go to View > Statistics > Project Statistics. That brings up a floating panel with your draft and session progress bars in it.
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I found it. thank you!