Adding Prologue and Epilogue Without Chapter Numbers

I have created a Novel project which is set up for automatic numbering of chapters. I would like to add text (files) before and after the chapters without those files being numbered as chapters. My Binder layout is not the default. I still have the top folder, Manuscript, but instead of being filled with folders with one or more chapter files each, I have a list of text files without folders. Each text file is a complete chapter. If I add, for example, a Prologue file at the beginning of the list, it’s treated as a chapter and numbered accordingly. I have done some checking in the forums about this but there is nothing about this specific arrangement of files. Because the Prologue is a text document and it is on the same level as the chapter files, there is no way to distinguish it from the chapter files.

Is there a way to change the level of the Prologue? Perhaps specify a different document type? Or is there a better way to do this? How would any of these things be done?


This hopefully self-explanatory screenshot should work when compiling…


Excellent. It works just as you showed. Thanks!