Adding scenes and chapters retrospectively

Is it possible to divide a manuscript into chapters and scenes partway through or even after it’s finished? Or does that have to be sorted out at the beginning?

You can divide your manuscript up any way you like at any time.

Assuming what you have at the moment is one long document in the binder. Go through it and whenever you want to create the new scene, then put your cursor at the first word on the new scene and use ‘Split Document’ (cmd-k). If you want, select a few words to use as the title and press cmd-opt-k.

Personally, I would concentrate on the individual scenes first, rather than the Chapters. This is because when you have all the scenes in the Binder, it is easy to select the ones which will be in say Chapter 1, right click and choose ‘Group selected documents’, which will create a new folder in the binder with those scenes within it. Quicker and more convenient that going through the document and creating a new Chapter then a new scene.

If you find that you’ve split a scene in error, then highlight it and the one before it in the binder and use Documents > Merge (cmd-shift-m, I think).

Once you’ve got the scenes and chapters right, you can drag them up and down in the binder and up and down the hierarchy.

(I’m not at my Mac at the moment, so the menu names may be a little off, but they’re close enough that you should be able to work out which ones I mean…)


Thank you, that’s a great help. :smiley: