Adding Selected text from document

I have taken notes from a book about the working of the human mind. I have linked passages using the CMD L shortcut.

So, now I have a link that says ‘Undermind’ in Chapter 1. I want to cross reference it with references to the word Undermind in all other chapters.

I have made ‘Collections’ that group all chapters that mention the word ‘Undermind’. The problem is that the collection groups huge tracts of text, I want to link only to the paragraph that has a reference to the ‘Undermind’. How can I do that?


You can’t currently link to part of a document.
Nor bookmark a specific passage/paragraph.

What you can do though, is split your documents into smaller bits and link to or bookmark those smaller bits.
The compiler will solder them back together at the end. (If handled properly.)

Another option is to redo the search even though you are in a collection.
Doing this, the searched words will be highlighted, the editor scrolled to the first occurrence within each of your documents.
You could also use Edit / Find / Find... in the documents of your collection.

Is this on purpose ?

[EDIT] Oh well. A fluke, I guess. My menu is back to the way I am used to, and I can’t figure out how it got like it is in my screenshot.
Feel free to ignore if there isn’t much of an explanation. :wink: I’m fine with blaming some ongoing alien invasion.

This article on linking to specific spots in a longer text may help you out. It’s more a technique for encountering “X relates to Y” type links though, where you want to pick out a few specific spots that are related and make them easy to jump to in the future. It’s not so good for “take me to all of the many potential Y’s that may exist in this group of 50 documents”. It kind of sounds like that’s what you’re going for from the description. If so, I’d keep using the standard Find tool to jump from one hit to the next, and consider perhaps making use of some of the techniques described in that post to make the really important “undermind” instances easier to get back to in the future.

You probably had your keyboard focus in a Corkboard or Outliner view, where Ctrl+F brings down the filter bar for those views, instead of the standard text find tool.

Outliner. Yes, I confirm, I was just now able to reproduce.
Had never done so - or noticed the difference - before.

[/off topic]

Thisnis just to both of you so much. I more or less was able to achieve what I wanted to, that’s what matters. Will be back if I need.