Adding sound and picture files to sync folder?

I am a new here. I have been using scrivener for a few years now for learning English by writing some short stories. ( Scrivener Mac version now, before also PC).
I use sync folder (sync folder is on the iCloud drive) for my new ideas and notes, and to make them I use an iPad and an iPhone on the go with no problem at all. The problems start when I try to put any sound records or pictures in the sync folder . When I start my document on my mac and sync with external folder, all the files different than txt are moved to the trash and are not visible on the Research folder. Do I do something wrong? Is it possible at add sound files and pictures and sync them automatically form mobile devices or only by importing them after start the desktop version of Scrivener?
Thanks for any help

Since your mobile devices are ipad and iphone, you probably really should think about getting iOS Scrivener which would enable you to synchronize entire Scrivener projects between all your devices (it relies on Dropbox as its underlying vehicle).

The Sync With External Folder function was designed before iOS Scrivener came out and was never meant to be a means of syncing everything that a Scriv project can hold. It was meant at the outset to give folks who wanted to edit their text on-the-go a way to do that (with some third party app). Scriv’s current solution to this need is the very capable iOS Scrivener. Syncing with that does not use the Sync With External Folder function at all. (That function is presumably still around because creative Scriv users have found all kinds of uses for it!)

Thank you for reply.
" It was meant at the outset to give folks who wanted to edit their text on-the-go a way to do that (with some third party app)." that what I use it for…I mean for adding some notes, but due to lack of time ( and having the best ideas at the most busiest moments ) I figured that it be more convenient to make a record and transcribe it later and saving the record in the sync folder would be extremely convenient for sure… like using a dictaphone without need to copy it to the computer.
I the meantime I found a recording program for iPhone which makes transcription of my recordings and then I save it as RTF file in the Scrivener Sync folder. It works but I wish Scrivener would have something like this… notes are quite important in any process I guess… :slight_smile:
Thanks for answer anyway :slight_smile: